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Green Sea Turtle (East Pacific)

A protected charismatic marine ectotherm on the recovery

Kelp Bass

Ubiquitous economically and ecologically important gamefish

Leopard Shark

Mobile coastal predator and shark ambassador

Market Squid (California)

The most abundant squid species and important California commercial fishery

Shovelnose Guitarfish

Benthic mobile roving predator

Soupfin (Tope) Shark

A schooling shark species historically harvested for oil and fins

Spotted Sand Bass

Gamefish with complex reproductive strategies

Starry Rockfish

Small to medium rockfish with white spots contributing to the scientific name “constellatus” and the common name “Starry”

Sunset Rockfish

A rockfish species which has historically been lumped/confused with vermilion rockfish

White Croaker

An indicator species for sediment contamination

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