Giant Sea Bass - Channel Islands, CA

We are studying how Giant Sea Bass utilize marine protected areas (MPAs) and how they may interact with California fisheries in the Santa Barbara channel, principally in the northern Channel Islands.

Giant Sea Bass - Southern California

We are monitoring the temporal movements of Giant Sea Bass off Catalina Island and throughout southern and Baja California through SCATTN.

Juvenile White Shark - Southern California Bight

The CSULB Shark Lab has been working with the Monterey Bay Aquarium to answer key questions about white shark conservation in the Northeast Pacific for the last 10 years.

Multiple Fish and Shark Species - La Jolla, CA

The La Jolla Acoustic Array is currently being used to measure movement patterns of multiple marine species throughout the La Jolla kelp bed in San Diego, California.

Rockfish Species - San Diego, CA

This project examines the post-release survival and behavior of rockfishes released using descending devices.

Shark Species - California Coast

Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary (CINMS) staff have deployed VR2W acoustic monitoring receivers around the Channel Islands as a part of the West Coast Observation Project.

Sport Fish - Wheeler North Artificial Reef

This project examines the movements of kelp bass, barred sand bass, and California sheephead within the Wheeler North Artificial Reef (WNAR) off the coast of San Clemente, CA.