Giant Sea Bass - Channel Islands, CA

Principal Investigator: Dr. Douglas McCauley
Graduate Students: Lacey Hughey and Molly Hardesty-Moore
Researchers: Ana Sofia Guerra, Caroline Jablonicky, and Symphony Yu
Collaborators: Dr. Milton Love, Dr. Mary Nishimoto, and Merit McCrea
Facility: University of California Santa Barbara

Study: Giant Sea Bass utilization of marine protected areas (MPAs) and interaction with California fisheries in the Santa Barbara channel

We are studying how Giant Sea Bass utilize marine protected areas (MPAs) and how they may interact with California fisheries in the Santa Barbara channel, principally in the northern Channel Islands. Live captured Giant Sea Bass are fitted with passive acoustic tags, which enable us to continuously monitor their movements using acoustic receiver stations spread between MPA and non-MPA regions. Any Giant Sea Bass that migrate away from the northern Channel Islands may be detected by additional SCATTN acoustic arrays.

For more information contact: douglas.mccauley@lifesci.ucsb.edu

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Giant Sea Bass