Giant Sea Bass - Southern California

Principal Investigator: Dr. Larry Allen
Graduate Students: J.R. Clark (CSUN) and Connor White (CSULB)
Collaborators: Dr. Chris Lowe (CSULB)
Facility: California State University Northridge

Study: Population Assessment and Movements of the Critically Endangered Giant Sea Bass (Stereolepis gigas) within the Southern California Bight

We are monitoring the temporal movements of Giant Sea Bass off Catalina Island and throughout southern and Baja California through SCATTN. We are currently using passive monitoring of acoustically tagged Giant Sea Bass to evaluate the movement patterns and site fidelity to their established spawning aggregation area off Long Point Marine Protected Area. In the summer of 2015, color-coded, acoustic transmitter dart tags were attached to six adult sea bass using modified pole-spears while SCUBA diving into the dorsal musculature of fish using a metal applicator attached to the end of the spear. The movements and residency of the six Giants are currently being monitored continuously. Movements of the six tagged fish have been detected over three months by three moored, omnidirectional acoustic receivers which were placed at Catalina at three locations both inside and outside of the Long Point Marine Protected Area. Fish that migrate away from Catalina Island will potentially be detected by acoustic arrays that are part of the SCATTN.

For more information contact: larry.allen@csun.edu

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Photo Credit: Parker House
Photo Credit: Larry Allen
Photo Credit: Larry Allen
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Giant Sea Bass