Juvenile White Shark - Southern California Bight

Principal Investigator: Dr. Chris Lowe
Collaborators: Dr. Chuck Winkler (SCMI) and Dr. Oscar Sosa-Nishizaki (CICESE)
Facility: California State University Long Beach

Study: Movement patterns, habitat use and behavior of juvenile white sharks in the southern California nursery

The CSULB Shark Lab has been working with the Monterey Bay Aquarium to answer key questions about white shark conservation in the Northeast Pacific for the last 10 years. Fisheries catch records have indicated that young-of-the-year (baby) white sharks are caught or observed along coastal southern California and that this area might be an important nursery. To address this question, we are collaborating with commercial fishers and local lifeguards to gain access to young white sharks along the coast. We are using a combination of telemetry techniques (acoustic, satellite) to measure their movements, site fidelity and behavior over different time periods. Over the past 8 years we have managed to tag over 50 juvenile white sharks and have been able to track their movement along particular beaches and migrations back and forth to Baja, Mexico.

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Photo Credit: Chris Lowe
Photo Credit: Ralph Pace
Photo Credit: David Nelson
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