Multiple Fish and Shark Species - La Jolla, CA

Principal Investigator: Dr. Brice Semmens
Graduate students and affiliates: Noah Ben-Aderet (SIO graduate student), Lyall Bellquist (SWFSC Postdoc), Andy Nosal (SIO Postdoc)
Facility: Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Study: La Jolla Acoustic Array

The La Jolla Acoustic Array is currently being used to measure movement patterns of multiple marine species throughout the La Jolla kelp bed in San Diego, California. The La Jolla Acoustic Array consists of 43 Vemco acoustic receivers that are anchored to the seafloor using fixed subsurface moorings. Fish that are surgically fitted with acoustic transmitters can then be detected anywhere within the receiver array during the entire battery life of the transmitters (2-5 years). Analysis of the detection data allows us to answer questions about the spatial ecology of multiple marine species, both inside and outside of marine reserves, and gain a better understanding of our impact on marine species in southern California.

Species tagged include: Barred sand bass, Broadnose sevengill shark, California yellowtail, Giant seabass, Kelp bass, Leopard shark, Market squid, and Soupfin (Tope) shark.

For more information contact: bsemmens@ucsd.edu

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